Monday, October 19, 2009

Prayers Please

Spud and Sprout both have the crud this week and poor Mrs. H. has hardly slept a wink in three days.

I'm also in a bit of a funk after I made the mistake of sending my Dad, a die hard Pat Robertson fan and conservative, a copy of Spong's Manifesto. Big mistake... and now I am dealing with the consequences. Dad and I are on opposite ends of the political and religious spectrum, and that can be tough when he's someone I've admired and looked up to forever. His response broke my heart in more ways than I think he knows.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thoughts of healing for the babies and overworked Mom too...prayers for your Dad who may have overworked his fight to be right in the face of discrimination/persecution and unjust´s all exhausting but remember many of us who ARE LIVING AND BREATHING LGBT people have had terrible feelings of guilt, wrongdoing and shame to overcome...sometimes it takes a miracle for us to not harm OURSELVES and ignore the demeaning as we keep a wide open eye on OUR OWN personal character (you know, the AUTHENTIC one God really cares about) and stop taking to heart nonsense *selectively* preached at us as we sit in a pew! No sense in being upset about your Dad feeling threatened at the core of his religious understanding...he simply misunderstands...clarity can sometimes be a very illusive commodity when feardriven lies set the pace.

Thanks for keeping a watchful eye on those around you and us too.

Prayers ascending for you and yours,

Leonardo Ricardo

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

You all are my friends, of course I'm going to stick up for you... unless you put your foot in your mouth like Maddie does on occasion. :)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Foot? Mouth? I´m certain you´ve noticed that I´ve only been ¨shown the door¨ two or three hundred times at Jakes Place...I think I note a possible similarity between that and mouth/foot disease, it´s a regional difference.

Sleep well, best to all, ALL NIGHT THROUGH!

Lauralew said...

Oh Hillbilly, I'm so sorry about your family's illnesses. Prayers ascending.

I'm also sorry about your dad's reaction to the manifesto. Sorry, but not surprised. Odd how many of us who support our LGBT brothers and sisters feel as if we have to go underground with our families. We can't "come out" as it were without risking relationship rupture. Some people would rather be right than be in relationship.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

I've made no bones about my stand and I guess they will either accept it or not. That's one thing about me, you will never wonder where I fall on an issue. That is one good thing I inherrited from Dad.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Poor babies and poor Mrs. H. Prayers for all. And for you, too, Hillbilly, that your heart will heal and that the breach between you and your Dad will be repaired.

Love and blessings.