Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off Topic...sortof

Today I saw in the news more people clamoring about "Climategate". Now I am not smart enough to know whether or not Global Warming is a hoax. I'll leave that to the scientists. What I do know is that we as Christians are mandated to be proper stewards of the Earth. We are tasked with taking care of her. So doesn't it make sense to use conservation, recycle, lower carbon emissions, etc.?

I've heard some people say, "Why should I worry about the planet? Jesus is coming soon and it will be all over." Here's a question to ponder. If you can't take care of this planet, what makes you think Jesus is going to let you try to take care of his perfect Kingdom in the New Jerusalem? Remember the story of the three servants with the talents? Or the story of the bridesmaids and the oil lamps? What happened to those that didn't properly take care of what was given to them?

Whether we're going to have to wear bikinis in December in Anchorage or not, part of our responsibility is taking care of this world we live on.

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motheramelia said...

I don't know why you think concern for the environment is off topic. Climate change is a subject dear to my heart, but then I was a scientist who worked in the environmental arena before I became a priest. Yes, we have been charged to be stewards of this beautiful planet and we've not done too well at that.