Friday, May 28, 2010

This Just In... Archbishop Of Canterbury Sends the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church in Canada to Their Rooms Without Supper

I just finished reading Archbishop Rowan Williams' Pentecost letter, and I must say, I am not impressed. He uses a lot of big words to tell us he wants to put us in "time out" until we learn our lesson and stop treating LGBT members of our congregations like members of our congregations. No word in his letter about the awful law coming down the pipe in Uganda or the gay couple who were sentenced to 14 years hard labor for getting married. Nothing much about bishops from other countries poaching churches and in some cases entire diocese from TEC. Oh no, it's all our fault. Excuse us for trying to live out the Golden Rule.

+++ Rowan's actions remind me of the President in Monsters Vs. Aliens, "Listen up! I'm not going to go down as the President who was in office when the world came to an end, so somebody think of something, and think of it fast!" That train has already left the station. ACNA is now a separate entity from us. Time to move on.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I can´t tell you the great amount of disdain I feel for Dr. Williams...not one, not even one, remark about the deadly crimes against LGBT Anglicans in Jamaica, the U.K. or Uganda/Nigeria...the man has wasted a opportunity of a spiritual lifetime by refusing to address real problems...real problems with horrible ignorance cultivated by the abusers and the real circumstances of torment and ¨unorthodox¨ persecution of the LGBT damned...the ABC is at the heart of this mess and he has confused the issue of responsibility...much of it is his.

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