Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anglican Garden

I originally posted this before I tried and failed to leave blogging behind... thought I'd put it up again:

I started this as a post on Father Jake’s website, and decided it deserved a place here instead. I have been trying to figure out what the Anglican Communion is. Anglicanism has been described to me as a “big tent”. I see it more as a wild garden. It encompasses a diversity of beliefs that share a common link through their Anglican heritage and the Book of Common Prayer. What matters is not how we believe in Christ, but that we BELIEVE. We all still come to the table in common worship. This is what the conservative crowd is trying to take away from us. The “schismatics” want to change our church from a family, where our Uncle Akinola may be stern and talk funny, Uncle Robinson may be gay, and Uncle Spong may be out in the stratosphere somewhere, but they are still loved and accepted for who they are. When we lose that, we cease to be the Anglican Communion and become something else entirely. I don’t think I could be a part of that.


Fred Preuss said...

Seriously, you will be so much happier if you spend your Sunday mornings sleeping in; I know I am.
Haven't been a member of a church for years and don't miss it.
Saves money, time, effort, much more logical and you don't have to hand around anybody you don't care for.
Give it a try.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

Actually, I tried that for several years and found just the opposite to be true. I have been much happier since I found my "home" church here in Bentonville.

What actually concerns me is that this group of 4 bishops want to hijack what I have come to love over the course of the last two years and turn it into something dreadful. For me this is finally a place I belong.