Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Papers Are Signed, Time to Move On

Well, it's official. According to Preludium, PACNA has now formed, consisting of the break-away churches and diocies and friends. What I find amazing is that this network is holding together so well, considering the differences in doctrine between the organizations. One has to wonder how well they would hold together if TEC ignored them all together. I mean concidering that they are a coalition only as long as they have a common enemy, that of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, they would most likely turn on eachother in their quest for spiritual purity. To take a phrase from John Stewart, "It's 3am, the host has yawned and put on his bathrobe... Time to leave the party." Good luck you guys, have fun in your future bickering. We in the Episcopal Church will now go on about picking up the pieces and spreading the Gospel, as opposed to this supposed "faith once delivered" nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

Wise beyond your years my friend....wise beyond your years.

Vicar in the Wheat Fields