Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lorelai's Christening

I'll try to upload pics a bit later, once Mrs. H emails them to me from her phone. Today was Sprout's big day, and boy was she ever pretty. Her Godpappa's bought her outfit, white dress and bonnet, bloomers, tights, booties and white blanket, and her Godmamma bought her the most beautiful little diamond and gold cross to wear. She looked so precious! Even Spud behaved himself through most of the service! It was such a beautiful day for it too. Even God smiled on us and gave us sunshine and warm weather for the event.

Mom and Dad and some of my friends from work came, and I got an interesting take on our practices. Dad, who is a Full Gospel Pentecostal, thought our service was "too catholic" for him while my friends, who are Catholic, thought the service very enjoyable and laid back in comparison. I guess the saying is true "We (Episcopalians) do Catholic right!" Doc and his wife may even start coming regularly, which would be very cool indeed.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Lovely day, Blessing GALORE!

susan s. said...

Congratulations to Sprout! I hope she was anointed good and proper! I am partial to the oil. I await pictures of the blessed event.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

Yes she was. And she didn't cry when the water hit her bald head either, or when Fr. Roger sealed her with the oil. She even enjoyed being passed around during the Peace. Her Godparents were absolutely beaming... I thought James was going to cry again.