Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And the fight continues:

Anyone who still doubts that a public option or single payer healthcare system should be the cornerstone of real healthcare reform should read this article from the New York Times. It seems big insurance/pharmacy has positioned itself into state legislatures to further fight of health reform.

What really puzzles me on this is how a state like Florida, that has a large percentage of people on Medicare (a government run healthcare system) can be so against a government run health system. The same can be said of Arkansas, which is ranked #5 in the percentage of people who live below the poverty line (17.9% ), and around 25% of its children living in poverty today. Recent polls show that most Arkansans are against health care reform, even though a large number of Arkansans would benefit from these same reforms.

Add to that the coverage on conservative Christian radio and TV stations like TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) AFR (American Family Radio) and Relevant Radio (Catholic Radio) touting how the current plan should be fought tooth and nail, and I am further confused. I've even heard the abortion card played in this debate. People, I hate to tell you this, but current federal laws mandate that no federal funding can be used for abortion. The Stupac ammendment is a smokescreen. There are no Death Pannels. Nobody is pulling the plug on Grandma and no one is mandating abortion.

I have to say again that I am less than pleased with the current healthcare bills. Without a public option, any reforms we see are like peeing into the wind. Yes it makes you feel better, but you are still going to be standing in a mess.

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