Monday, December 14, 2009

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln - Asshats at Large

Washington (CNN) -- Dashing the hopes of Democratic lawmakers Sunday, Sen. Joseph Lieberman signaled he would oppose a health care bill that includes a proposal to expand Medicare to people as young as 55.

Ok, I realize Joe is still miffed that Democrats in his district wouldn't vote for him, but this is getting rediculous. So the Democrats in Conn. didn't vote for you in the primary a few years ago... get over it already!

I have pulled my support of the health reform bill at this time because it no longer has a public option. Until it is back in, I will not support it, and I will not vote for any Senator that caused it to be pulled. Are you listening Blanche and Mark? Or are your ears still plugged with all that pharmacutical money pouring into your accounts?

I have to hand it to the big pharmacy and insurance companies. They have convinced the majority of Arkansans that a public option (emphasis option) is not in their best interest. And maybe it isn't. A large number of Arkansans are already receive their health care via Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Administration, and Indian Affairs. We don't need no socialized medicine here...

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Lauralew said...

Most of the insured people in SD are also covered by the programs you mention, as well as a large number of military retirees like us who are covered by TRICARE. I like TRICARE, actually, and wish all of my fellow citizens could have it. I mentioned that in a letter to my congressional representative who later said she didn't hear from anyone in South Dakota who was in favor of the health care plan. I thought my letter might have been interpreted in that manner. Oh well.