Thursday, April 22, 2010

New York Times Weighs in on Act 1

The New York Times has an editorial about Arkansas Act 1 here. It affirms my opinion that the "broad net" approach was too vague and was meant to discriminate agains one group "teh Gays" and actually hurt the children in Arkansas awaiting adoption and good foster homes. According to the editorial:

A 2009 report by the Arkansas Department of Human Services found 517 children awaiting adoption but only 228 adoptive homes available.

In this case, just like with the Jim Crowe laws in the 20th century, the majority in Arkansas is wrong. There is no "Gay Agenda" except to be accepted as people and not second class citizens or a dispised and outcast group. Gee, what a crime... to want to be treated like a human being. Shame on Arkansas.

One final glimmer of hope in the conclusion:

What is most important is the ruling’s recognition of Act 1’s discriminatory and unwarranted disqualification of potential parents, no matter how prepared and eager they are to give children a good home. That sound bottom line should survive any appeal.

I pray it is so.

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