Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back in the Kitchen With You!! (Warning, Asshats Abound)

Well, the Cro-Magnons of our state legislature have done it again. Yesterday there was a vote to ammend my state's constitution and give women equal rights. Not supprisingly, it failed to move past committee. Here's a quote from the Northwest Arkansas News:

(Senator Steve) Bryles said he favors the Equal Rights Amendment for his daughters and the other women in his family. Equality for women has come a long way but not far enough, he said.
"It's amazing what fear does to all of us," Bryles said, referring to opponents of the Equal Rights Amendment. "It is a wonderful motivator."

Afterward, Baker said he voted against the motion to advance the resolution because "even the remote possibility that this could undermine a marriage amendment or prolife laws in Arkansas concerned me enough to where I could not vote for this."

The marriage ammendment he is reffering to is the bass ackwards ammendment I mentioned in previous posts that not only defines marriage as between "one man and one woman" but completely closes the door on civil unions for same sex couples. And also of note is the fact that there are now only two clinics in the state that offer Abortion as an option for women.

Senator Baker is the same asshat that supported changing Arkansas' consealed carry permit law to allow parishoners to pack heat in church.

So, Sens. Gilbert Baker, R-Conway; Bobby Glover, D-Carlisle; Kim Hendren, R-Gravette; and Bill Pritchard, R-Elkins: for putting making sure Arkansas is still
40+ years behind the rest of the country, you have been awarded the Asshat Award!

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