Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Refraining From Using the Word Because of Lent...

But if I could, today Arkansas State Representative Brian King (R) would definitely win the award today. Here's the scoop from The Tolbert Report:

Rep. King Files Bill to Prohibit a Domestic Partnership Registry

Amid the plethora of bills filed today at the deadline was a bill by Rep. Bryan King meant to address a situation in his home district of Eureka Springs. HB2176 will prohibit a county or municipality from recognizing a domestic partner relationship that is not recognized by Amendment 83 of the Arkansas Constitution. Amendment 83, more commonly known as the Defense of Marriage Amendment was passed by 75% of Arkansas voters in 2004 and states “Marriage consists only of the union of one man and one woman.”

However, recently the city of Eureka Springs has sought to make an end run around this State Constitutional Amendment by recognizing “domestic partnerships.” In October of 2007, the Eureka Springs city council passed city ordinance 2052, which allows the city to register and recognize domestic partnerships. By filing the city’s “Declaration of Domestic Partnership” same sex couples can gain official government recognition allowing them to qualify for benefits traditional reserved for married couples such as health care benefits.

If passed, HB2176 will prohibit cities such as Eureka Springs from continuing this registration and bring the counties and municipalities of the state into conformity with the Defense of Marriage Act. The bill has been referred to the House Committee on City, County & Local Affairs where committee member Rep. Kathy Webb, the only openly homosexual member of the Arkansas legislature, is likely to lead outspoken opposition.

This is nothing more than another kick in the teeth to LGBT's living in the state of Arkansas. Eueka Springs, which prides itself on attracting the strange and unnusual, has become the one bright light of hope in this State of Repression. I have always loved going there and enjoying the freedom of a place that accepts everyone regardless of who they are. I am hoping that this law simply gets backburnered with the rest of the idiotic laws the Assembly is trying to put forth.

Recently, the state assembly also attempted to make the list of concealed carry permit holders private and is attempting to pass an "open carry law" allowing its citizens to pack heat on their hips just like "the good ole days". For once again showing the US and the world that Arkansas is 50-60 years behind the times, here is your award...


Lauralew said...

Politics as usual, eh? This way Rep King can say when he runs for reelection that he defended "traditional marriage." That is all this is for. Who cares who it hurts?

And the gun folks will point to what happened in IL as the reason to pass that carry law. Grumble.

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

As a matter of fact, it's the reason the bill exists.

How are you feeling,by the way?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Recently, the state assembly also attempted to make the list of concealed carry permit holders private....

There's talk of that in Louisiana, too. As of now, the lists are public records.

Oh, I can see it with "open carry law". Every man (and woman?) wearing holsters again. Hey! You never know when you may need to shoot a rattlesnake.

I have a little something for you at my blog, Hillbilly.