Friday, April 17, 2009

The "Real" Culture of Death...

I can't tell you the number of times recently I have seen the words "Culture of Death" used by Catholic bishops, priests and even Benny 16. Whenever they discuss abortion or the use of birth control, they refer to supporters of such things as a culture of death. It became a bit louder when numerous Catholic clergy and organizations began protesting the invitation from Notre Dame to the President. Then there was the flap over Benny 16's statements in Africa, where he more or less said that condoms were to blame for the spread of AIDS in Africa. I took the liberty of looking up some figures and thought I would share them with the group:

Number of people world wide that died from HIV/AIDS in 2005: 2.8 million (WHO).

Number of people newly infected with HIV world wide in 2007: 2.7 million (WHO).

Number of deaths of children in the US due to abuse and neglect in 2006: 1,530 (

Number of women who died in childbirth world wide in 2000: 529,000 (WHO).

Total deaths: 6,030,530

Total Jewish deaths in the Holocaust: 6,000,000.

Percentage of HIV infections when condoms are used consistently and properly: 0% (Advocates for Youth)

Effectiveness of abstinence and monogomy teaching in preventing HIV spread: No evidence of effectiveness found in recent studies. (Advocates for Youth)

Studies have also shown that the abstinence only programs that the Bush Administration pushed on public healthcare and education have been a dismal failure. In fact, the teen pregnancy rate in the US has actually gone up for the first time in years. Celebrities such as Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears only serve to remind us that these programs are a fallacy. Teen sex has been around since Noah was a boatswain's mate, and it will be around long after we are worm dirt. Age appropriate sex eduation including contraseption will bring these numbers down.

And yet the Catholic Church would have us believe that promoting safe sex practices is what is killing people and causing the general degredation of our society. Meanwhile nearly 3 MILLION new cases of HIV are reported each year. In our own country over 1,500 children died in abusive homes. World wide, over a half a million women died in childbirth. So who's the "Culture of Death" again?

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IT said...

It's all about keeping those evil feminists down. Them and the Godless Homos. Seriously, though, the traditionalist Catholics believe that in the case of a choice between a mother and an unborn child, choose the child every time. They have no problem giving G W Bush a pulpit at Notre Dame (GWB was a great lover of the death penalty, and started a war with massive numbers of collatoral Iraqi civilian deaths) but Obama who wants abortion to be safe legal and rare,and opposes the war, doesn't respect life. Theirs is a sterile protest of misogynistic hatred and ignorance, which explains why American Catholics are voting socially liberal, not on the church's line, and why their only hope for power is to retain the unwashed ignorant of the 3rd world countries. I say this someone who was baptised and confirmed RC.