Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Whole Fam Damly

From Left to Right:  (Top row) youngest brother, Mike, baby sister, Becky. (Middle row)Mrs. Hillbilly,  (Becky's boy) Nephew Zeb , my Stepmom, Lesa, (Becky's girl) Niece Macie, Dad, (Mike's boy) Nephew Cammie.  (Bottom row) Myself and Spud, Younger brother,Ernie, *Ernie's girl) Bella, and Ernie's wife Alisha.

This is pretty much the whole gang.  The only one missing is my late Mother, Rose (October 1949-November 1980. Black and white photo from her Senior Year in High School).

The color photo was taken last Thanxgiving.  Just thought I'd share with the group.

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