Monday, June 29, 2009

"Gay-by" Boom?

Here is an article by John Blake at CNN about kids raised in same-sex households. It pretty much verifies what I've already seen with my own eyes at All Saints. One of my favorite quotes from it is this:

O'Leary says she doesn't personally know any same-sex parents or their children. That's the problem, some children of same-sex children say. So many people are talking about them; not enough are talking to them, they say.

This is where people like Jerry Cox and his ilk make their biggest mistake, and so many of us do as well. We don't talk to the people who actually live in these families. We don't take the time to talk to the gay or lesbian couple down the street and actually listen to them. Instead many revert to quoting the infamous "clobber passages" and shun not only the couple, but their children as well. In this we are missing the mark.

Many of these so-called Christians act as if homosexuality were not only a disease, but a contageous one at that. I even heard one commentator say that kids who grow up in same sex families are "7 times more likely to be gay". This is just not supported by the evidence. If anything the opposite holds true.

I challenge anyone reading this who disagrees with me to actually sit down and talk with someone who is gay or someone raised by a same sex couple. And I challenge my gay and lesbian friends and readers to actually dialog with people who want to know more. We need to stop talking about these people and actually talk to them.

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IT said...

We're gay, our kids are very straight and very typical teenagers. We have a very cordial relationship with BP's ex, her "wusband". .