Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Baby Yet

But the day is getting closer. I was working on some things to get ready for my next round of schoolwork next week, as I have found it is best to just stay out of Mrs. H's way when she is in "power nesting" mode (henceforth known as mistake #1). Mrs. H. kept coming into the garage/office to check on me, or so I thought. At around midnight, she popped her head in again and asked, "Whatcha doing?" "Getting ready to go to bed if you're ready," was my response, mistake #2. "Then you can finally come and help me!" "Well if you would have asked, I would have gladly stopped to help you: I'm not a mind reader." (mistake #3). I then walked into our bedroom to find the entire contents of our closet strewn across the bed and her putting baby clothes away. After finally putting things to rights, we wound up in bed around 1:30 am and I gave her a foot massage to help calm the waters.

This is going to be a LONG week or so. Since there is stormy weather coming in on Monday, I am guessing Tuesday will be the actual baby day. Then the real fun begins.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Hillbilly, I know this waiting period is really rough on you. I remember Grandpère when the time for the birth of our babies drew near. He was a near basket case. Fortunately, I never kept him in suspense, since I always delivered a little before my due date.

Hang in there, and be good to Mrs. H. She needs a little TLC, too, you know.

I pray for a safe delivery for mom and a fine, healthy baby.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I pray for a safe delivery for mom and a fine, healthy baby.¨ GM


Arkansas Hillbilly said...

Thanks guys. They say no two pregnancies are the same, and I am a believer now. Spud left her with little complaints and liked to play "tag" with me while he was in the womb (he'd try to stick a foot out, I'd tickle it, he'd move his foot, then put it back). This time Mrs. H. has had a lot of back pain the last two months and Sprout doesn't play as much. It's almost got her convinced to stop at two, which is what I want.