Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reality Check on the Baby Front

Well, it looks like the date is getting closer. Last night Mrs. H. was vaccuming the celings at 9:30pm while I was trying to put Spud to bed. This is the same woman that had to call her mother to find out how to turn a vaccum on when we first got married. She had a "power surge" nesting moment that lasted well into the night, then her feet went numb and tingly from Sprout getting comfortable in her pelvis. This morning Sprout looks to have dropped some more, so we're definitely getting close. Mrs. H. doesn't think she'll last the weekend, but I'm not willing to bet the farm on it. If anything, I'm hoping for 8-23, when Bishop Benfield is visiting. I'm pretty sure Father Roger would drag him in to the hospital to see All Saints' newest cradle Episcopalian.

I have the countdown set for Sept. 8, but the actual date is Sept. 3. According to what I have read, Spud was an anomaly, coming in to the world on the day he was due, and most second babies come early, so keep your fingers crossed.

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