Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here's More of What We're Up Against

And why progressive Christians need to be heard.

We progressives are guilty of not shouting loud enough in this state. Unfortunately, we either give up or move. Well I ain't moving just yet, and I ain't giving up either. As of today, I am declaring that I am a Christian and that I am:

1. For Same Sex Marriage.
2. For Adoption and Foster Care being done by any couples regardless of the couple's sexual orientation.
3. Against any government organization placing one religion, including my own, before another.
4. Against a litteral interpretation of the Bible as experienced in most churches in Arkansas.
5. Against the use of government funds to pay for religious activities.
6. Am Pro-Choice.
7. Am against the conflict in Iraq and refuse to bow to allegations that being against I am not "supporting the troops". As a former Navy Corpsman, I find this offensive.
8. Believe in a firm separation of Church and State that protects both government from religion and religion from government.

This is my stance, and I will not move.


Lauralew said...


Arkansas isn't much different than South Dakota, I fear. Although since it isn't really my home, just where I live at present, I'm eagerly anticipating the day I can get the heck out.

Dude, I'm so with you on the war. I'm a former Navy nurse (also a former USAF nurse), and served my country in the military for 14 years. I need defend my personal patriotism to no one. In my world, though, a patriot also lets his or her country know when that country has erred.

Glad you are back, btw!

Arkansas Hillbilly said...

Thanks. Glad to be back, I almost went ahead and broke my sabatical twice...

I am just sick and tired of having people roll their eyes and dismiss me as a right wing nut job after asking my religion. I hate having to say "I'm Christian, but not one of 'those' Christians." I also can't stand being called un-patriotic or worse when I served my country for 7 years both with Naval and Marine personnel. Both are really good ways to hack me off.

The blog's tone may be shifting a bit to reflect my attitude. I've done quite a bit of soul searching since Thanksgiving, and I decided I can't be complacent anymore, even to my family.

My wife and I are even going so far as to stipulate in our will that if something should happen to us, regardless of who gets custody of Eli, he is to be raised Episcopalian and not my parents' fundangelical beliefs.

James said...

You can add my name to the "I am for" list. Good post.