Friday, February 13, 2009

17 Asshat Awards in One Day!!!

Today's award comes via the UCC website. Read the full story here. So without further ado...'
Rep. John Wright, R-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma State House of Representatives, is officially awarded the Asshat Award. Another gaybashing polecat, Rep. Wright moved to strike the opening prayer from the assembly meeting because the pastor was a gay man from a church attended by LGBT's in Oklahoma.
1/5 of the State House of Representatives voted to strike it from the record as well, bringing the grand total to 17, yes seventeen awards going to Oklahoma today.
It just keeps getting more rediculous.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

My long eared equines, Miss Sylvia and Miss Topaz, and Mr. Mel, say that asshats give beautiful long eared equines with sweet dispositions like themselves a bad, bad name....LOL

Lauralew said...

Pretty sad. I'm astounded that a prayer can be seen as threatening due to the pray-er. Wait, isn't that a heresy? That the validity of the sacrament is not damaged by the administrator?

So awful.