Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trying to get this in before Lent

Sometimes people absolutely amaze me. My youngest brother and I tend to not see eye to eye in politics these days. He is firmly conservative at the moment, as he watches his meager 401k circle the drain and wonders if he will keep his job at Ranger. Somehow, all the economic woes are President Obama's and Clinton's fault. As I remind him of whose watch this happened on, he starts giving me the tired lines that a)Obama is going to raise his taxes, b) he doesn't want to pay to fix someone elses mortgage, etc... Same tired lines.

I also work with a dyed in the wool fundangelical former Catholic who I love butting heads with over politics and religion at times. Today's spat started over the bailouts. She says the country is headed for socialism, which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing. To reinforce my point, I point out that the first Christians in Acts were socialists, if not out and out communists, to the point that one man and his wife were struck dead by the Holy Spirit for keeping some back. So she says I am a socialist. Then the conversation continued to the Octo-Mom. She asked me if I was angry about having to pay her way. I said, "Of course. She and the doctors made a horrible mistake, but I will not punnish the babies who had no choice for their Mom's bad one." She then said that some people should be sterilized... to which I reminded her was the plan of WWII Japan, making her a fascist. We then agreed that this was a wonderful country that allowed us to believe and say what we want in situations like that.

After this, my posts will be more along a more contemplative vein for Lent. Have a good one!

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