Monday, February 23, 2009

Congratulations Michael Upson (better late than never)

Here's an interesting tidbit from the NW Arkansas News. It appears the Second Presbyterian Church have elected themselves a gay Deacon. Here's a snippet from the article:

Little Rock's Second Presbyterian Church, which has 1,700 members, elected a slate of a dozen adult deacons, including openly gay member Michael Upson. The candidates ran unopposed and the slate was approved by voice vote. Only a smattering of "no" votes was heard, and the outcome was greeted with some applause. Second Presbyterian's senior pastor, the Rev. Stephen Hancock, said he wasn't surprised by the way his congregation handled the issue.

"They did it the way I anticipated they would, I think, with thoughtfulness and care and respect for each other," Hancock said.

The vote comes one day after the Presbytery of Arkansas voted to remove restrictions on homosexual ordination from the national church's Book of Order.

It's about time someone joined us in fighting for an inclusive Gospel. I applaud the Second Presbyterian Church and congratulate Michael on his ordination. Lets keep them in our prayers.


Lauralew said...


This is great. I'm glad a person was chosen based on his intended service to the church instead of peripheral issues.

Ez said...

I find you to be an interesting case Hillbilly.
Though very religious, you are quite liberal. So I ask you this...
If the Presbyterian church as a whole is going to ignore the rules set forth by the Bible (1 Timothy) than what is to stop them from ignoring all other teachings and beliefs?

(FYI I am not offended or bothered my Ulman's new status within his church. I merely enjoy hearing, or in this case reading, other's opinions.)