Friday, February 13, 2009

Prayer Army Assemble!

Roseanne, aka BeingPeace, is going through a rough patch at the moment. Here's the scoop from Wounded Bird

Roseann is on dialysis, waiting for a kidney donor, because her kidneys were diseased and had to be removed. I think Roseann is quite brave. She kept her courage and sense of humor throughout a long period of of illness. Doctors recently discovered a suspicious spot in a mammogram, and now this. Please pray!

Roseann has her laptop in the hospital, so if people would like to get in touch with her on Face Book they can.She had an endoscopy this morning and a small tumor was seen, but she didn't tell me where it was. I'm trying to be cautious with what I pass on, but I think this turn of events should be shared.I am very concerned for her.Thank you for posting last evenings news on your blog. Sue

I ask everyone out there to please pray for her.

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