Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the AssHattery Continues!

My goodness, you'd think ignorance was contageous or something. Today the Asshat Award goes to a Kentucky State Senator, Gary Tapp, R-Shelbyville.

My favoritie quote from the article seen here is from Kentucky Rep. Darryl Owens who said, ""How do you enforce that? I don't want to make it my business of going into people's bedrooms." Sounds like the first sensible thing I've heard all week.

Of course further asshatery comes from David Edmunds of the Family Foundation of Kentucky says, ""I hope that this bill would highlight the need for adoptive families and protect adoption agencies so that they can operate under their policies." It's so nice to know that these agencies need protection from the big pink Gay Monster...

My question is, who is going to stand up for the 7,100 + children currently in need of homes in the state of Kentucky. Just like in Arkansas, there are thousands of children who need loving stable homes. But compassion isn't a halmark of these organizations. They are more interested in making sure that they stop the spread of the dreaded "gay cooties". The description of the Arkansas Family Council I did earlier in the year applies to this group as well.

It's past time someone stood up to these bullies by shining the light of Truth on their activities. With everything going on right now from the wars in Iraq and Afghanisan to the rapidly sinking economy, I think these orgainizations time and energy could be better utilized.

Hat tip to the Arkansas Times for bringing this article to my attention.

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